Rippleworks supports ventures that are creating products and services that have the potential to empower millions in a critically positive way.


off-grid electric

Off Grid Electric powers communities for the first time through solar energy. Nate Rosenthal (Head of Customer Support, Square) helped scale call center software and systems.



M-Kopa brings electricity to off-grid homes through pay-as-you-go solar. Geoff Belknap (Chief Security Officer, Slack) helped improve security processes to protect against future risks.


PT Ruma leverages existing communities to provide commerce and financial services to the poor. Mike Starkenburg (The Starkenburg Group) helped form a technology scaling plan.


NeoGrowth unlocks access to short-term loans for Indian small businesses. Kayti Sullivan (VP Sales, Yelp) helped scale NeoGrowth’s customer acquisition strategy.

african leadership university

African Leadership University is developing the next generation of African leaders. Brett Browman (Head of Paid Marketing, Opendoor) helped build a digital marketing strategy.


IDEO.org is a design firm that is tackling global poverty. Beth Steinberg (Mensch Ventures) helped reimagine IDEO.org’s recruiting process to set it up for long-term hiring success.

kopo kopo

Kopo Kopo empowers small businesses through mobile payment solutions. Wayne Fenton (VP Engineering, iControl Networks) helped scale and validate current cloud infrastructure.

dr consulta

dr. consulta brings high-quality, affordable healthcare to Brazil’s underserved populations. Neil Day (Principal, Blue Bottle Coffee) helped increase development production velocity.


Oportun offers affordable, credit-building loans to individuals with limited credit history. Cheryl Lim Tan (Director of Loyalty, Stella & Dot) helped build community and events-based marketing.


Avanti provides Indian students with affordable, high-quality education. Anne Raimondi (SVP Ops, Zendesk) helped design a virtual training program for Avanti’s nationwide teaching staff.


Soko connects jewelry artisans in emerging markets with global customers. Robin Albin (SVP Conceptual Innovation, Estée Lauder) helped strengthen its brand to grow its retail presence.


Reverie’s technology bridges the language divide in the digital world. Rick Levenson (former VP Engineering, Kiva) helped scale Reverie’s APIs and design its developer experience.


icroEnsure provides access to affordable insurance solutions to over 42 million globally. Souvik Das (CTO, Capital One Auto Finance) helped review technology scaling requirements.


D-Rev develops medical devices for the needs of the poor. Heather Meeker (Partner, O’Melveny & Myers) helped develop a methodology to structure partnerships and IP management.


Cignifi unlocks access to credit for the billions of customers with mobile phones. Kirstin Hornby (Head of Marketing, Polyvore) helped design marketing for a product in Mexico City.



Varthana provides loans and support to affordable private schools in India. Billy Robins (Director of BD, ZenDesk) helped build a consultative partnership approach to helping schools.


Zoona uses technology to enable entrepreneurs to provide financial services to help communities thrive. Chris Kanaan (VP Engineering, Ripple) helped design Zoona’s first-ever APIs.


Burn’s cookstoves save lives and reduces deforestation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Ravindra Sunku (Director of IT, StitchFix) helped build a strategy for implementing a new ERP.

Mela Artisans

Mela Artisans works with artisans in India to discover, design, and distribute their goods. Mark Harnett (Drak Marketing) helped define an online customer acquisition strategy for e-commerce.

crisis text line

Crisis Text Line provides free, 24/7 support via text message. Saurin Shah (VP Product, Care.com) helped create and test a strategy to improve volunteer retention.


Vasham provides end-to-end business solutions to smallholder farmers in Indonesia. Subbu Allamaraju (VP of Cloud, Expedia) helped develop a long-term IT roadmap to scale.


World Pulse is a global social network connecting women from 190 countries to speed up social change.  Sarah Rose (COO, UrbanSitter) helped World Pulse develop a monetization strategy.


Photomath opens up access to high-quality math education for anyone with a smartphone. Sylvain Grande (SVP Subscriptions Revenue) helped define a monetization strategy.


AllLife offers affordable life insurance to people in South Africa living with HIV or diabetes. Ari Yacobi (Chief Data Scientist, Knowledgent) helped use data science to increase customer retention.


IndusOS opens up mobile access in India by bridging the language divide. Zoher Karu (former Chief Data Officer, eBay) helped leverage data science to engage and retain users.


Medic Mobile’s mobile technology improves health and saves lives in hard-to-reach communities. Art Clarke (Chief Product Officer, Lattice) is helping build a product support system.


Tienda Pago empowers small retailers in Latin America to get access to working capital. Amarpreet Singh (Head of Growth & Retention, Square) helped improve customer engagement.


Zoona uses technology to enable entrepreneurs to provide financial services to help communities thrive. Mike Starkenburg (The Starkenburg Group) helped Zoona hire its first CTO.